Busby (Timber Frame Home)

Type: Timber Frame Home Location: Bellvue, Colorado Size: 24’ X 60’ single story with loft

Material and Features:
Beetle Kill and Fire seasoned timbers harvested by homeowner from the building site, milled by the homeowner.
We used his timbers and lumber to fabricate the frame and structure for this home. A series of pegged mortice and tenoned timber framed trusses atop stud walls with SIPs roof panels atop. Wall framing lumber and heavy timbers all provided by homeowner who milled lumber/timber from trees harvested from his site.
When completed this home will be net zero with large array of photo voltaic solar panels atop south facing roof. Doors and windows recycled from various remodel projects, saving them from the landfill.

Additional Information:
Replaced home lost during the Crystal fire. Rebuilt atop existing foundation which made it through the fire and was inspected and tested and found to be structurally sound by local structural engineer we often use.

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